Eye Examinations

At Eyes of Howick, our emphasis has always been on providing you with superb eye care. To put it simply, our comprehensive eye examinations take longer as we like to take the time to get to know you and your eyes.

As part of our personalised service you now have the choice of 2 levels of eye examination. If you are not sure which one you will benefit from, our friendly team and Optometrists are happy to discuss this with you;


Comprehensive eye exam;  $99 adult, $79 student includes;

  • Review of your general health and eye health history

  • Full discussion regarding your day to day visual requirements

  • Vision & Prescription check

  • Visual function tests as required; binocular vision, ocular muscle testing & screenings for colour and peripheral vision.

  • Internal & External eye health assessment; including testing for cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration & dry eye.

  • Eye pressure testing as required; recommended for those 40 years & over

  • Digital OCT screening coupled with retinal photography; provides a detailed image of the back of your eye

Premium eye exam; $220 adult, $200 student includes;

Includes the above but with the incorporation of a more detailed OCT examination and analysis.

Additional testing upon indication only

  • Dilated Retinal Exam or Cycloplegic Exam; $59. Please be aware you will have temporary blurred vision and light sensitivity.

  • Visual Fields; $59

  • Dry Eye Examination; $59

  • Visual Training; $65

What next?

On completion of the eye examination the Optometrist will discuss your results and advise you on the best course of corrective action such as getting a new pair of glasses or contact lenses.

In the event of any anomaly, remedial treatment will be suggested. For example if you have an eye infection or inflammation, your Optometrist will prescribe eye drop medication if required or you may be referred to an appropriate specialist for further attention. 

Recommendation of when you should return for your next eye examination will also be made and we will either phone, SMS or post you a reminder when that time comes. However, if you have concerns at any time prior to your next examination, please contact the team at Eyes of Howick.